Techart PRO Leica M – Sony E Autofocus Adapter ver II (LM-EA9)


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After 7 years of development, the Techart Leica M to Sony E Autofocus Adapter has returned with better autofocus performance, sleeker design and way more powerful motors.

  • 4 radially positioned, small and light servo motors
  • 4-axis support guarantees much faster focusing
  • Support heavier lenses without wobbling
  • World’s first bulge-less design and more obstructions with accessories
  • New unicase machining technology further compressed the adapter’s size
  • Compatible with all the latest Sony Full Frame & APS-C camera models (A7R5, A7R4, A7R, A1, A9ii, A7C, A6600, ZV-E10, etc)
  • USB Update tool included
  • Support in camera 3-axis image stabilisation and relies on the phase detection AF of the Sony cameras to turn your manual lenses into autofocus lenses.
  • Optimal 4.5mm extension balances AF speed and usability.
  • Stack additional adapters to enjoy autofocus with literally ANY lenses (EF / F / OM/ PK/ FD / LR / L39, etc)
  • not applicable to LTM/M mount lenses that are with the infinity lock button.

1 year warranty. No warranty will be provided to eBay / Amazon purchase. Please also READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASE.




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The LM-EA9 is not compatible with partial LTM or M-mount lenses that are with an infinity lock button at the lenses’ flange level. Here are some lenses that are not compatible with LM-EA9:

Leitz Elmar 35mm f/3.5 (LTM version)

Leitz Hektor 50mm f/2.5

Leitz Hektor 28mm f/6.3

Leitz Summar 50mm f/2.0 (rigid version)

Leitz Summaron 28mm f/5.6

TTartisan 28mm f/5.6

Voigtlander Heliar 40mm f/2.8


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