Thank you so much for your interest in purchasing our Techart LM-EA9 adapter. Although we are extremely confident in our product, there are still several points you may need to notice BEFORE placing the order.

  1. All sales is FINAL and we currently do not accept refunds when the adapter is shipped. We will arrange replacement if the adapter is proven to be defective.
  2. Like many other AF adapters in the market, the software of the adapter was made through reverse engineering.
  3. The key function of this adapter is to convert a Manual focus lens into Autofocus. Although we are very happy with the AF speed of our adapter, there is no way we should EXPECT or COMPARE the AF experience to any native AF lens.  Bear in mind we are now driving the entire lens (~500g) to focus instead of driving a certain glass element (<50g) to focus (like AF lenses).
  4. We keep studying the protocols of Sony Cameras and will release firmware if there is any significant improvement. But no timetable can currently be given. It can be overnight or it can never happen.
  5. There are some limitations on this adapter (e.g. AF performance on the edge may not be perfect). Please make sure you watch sufficient reviews (both about LM-EA9 or our first generation model LM-EA7) before making a purchase. This is an extremely fun tool as long as you play within its limitation (boundary).