Firmware Upgrade

  • Mount the included lens dock onto the adapter. After locking, make sure the white dots are aligned.
  • Prepare a micro USB cable and a win7/win8/win10 PC/MAC.
  • Download the firmware upgrade app from here
  • Run the app and choose the appropriate firmware.
  • Wait around 10s for the upgrade to complete.
  • If the device is not found, try using another USB port (preferably USB 2.0 port) or change to another computer.


  • To avoid potential fire or electric hazard, please do not leave the adapter in a humid or rainy environment.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble or repair yourself, this will void the warranty of your adapter.
  • Keep the CPU and lens connector clean to avoid mis-contact.
  • When connecting with a lens heavier than 1.3kg, please support the lens via a tripod collar or by hand. Otherwise the adapter may be damaged
  • Keep the adapter in a dry environment to avoid it getting rust
  • Try not to touch the connector pins directly. Always use a blow or soft brush to remove any dusts on the pins
  • Do not use any solvent to clean the adapter.
  • Do not expose the adapter to direct sunlight.
  • Suggest using a tripod if mounting lenses heavier than 1300g.

Installation instructions

  • Switch off the camera.
  • Align the dot of the adapter with the dot on the camera bayonet
  • Turn the adapter anti-clockwise until hearing a locking sound.
  • Align the dot of the lens with the dot on the adapter.
  • Turn the lens closewise until hearing a locking sound.
  • Switch back on the camera and start using


  • Most of the functions in the menu can be used including the vibration reduction, AF-S/AF-C/MF focus modes, automatic aperture and AF-C in video mode.
  • If focusing is difficult in some scenarios, switch the focus mode to single point AF or Wide area AF
  • When shooting in video mode, suggest using wide area AF or dynamic-area AF to receive the best performance.
  • The aperture of the lens can be controlled via the camera. The entire operation is similar to operating a native Z lens from Nikon.