Thanks very much to the members of FredMiranda.com for putting together this comprehensive FAQ sections.

Manual (English)

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Andriod APP for data settings

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Firmware Upgrade

CLICK below to download the APP for your smartphone systemDL_06DL_04

Ver 6.0 (Release Date: 5 Jan 2018)

Updates: Improver performance and compatibility of the adapter with A7R3 & A9. Do NOT recommend update for other cameras.

Ver 5.0 (Release Date: 14 Feb 2017)

Updates: Improve adapter start-up speed. Reduce battery drain issue.

Ver 4.0 (Release Date: 5 Sept)

Updates: Improve focusing accuracy and speed. Improve adapter stability.

Ver 3.0 (Release Date: 26 Jun)

Updates: Improve stability of performance on certain lenses

Ver 2.0 (Release Date: 15 Apr)

1) Improve the performance of lenses with large aperture
2) Remove the issue of having a light shading when Lens Compensation is ON
3) Reduce the sound generated by the motor
4) Reduce the down time
5) Add a function to let the lens park at the last focus position when switched to MF, select F45 and release shutter for setting.

Firmware Upgrade Instructions
1) Make sure the battery level of your camera and phone is >50%
2) Make sure the Auto-Lock of your phone is OFF
3) Plug in the adapter to your camera body
4) Turn ON the camera, change the aperture value to F/90 (not F/9 !), release the shutter
5) Turn OFF the camera (IMPORTANT!)
6) Run the app in the smartphone and select the firmware you want under LM-EA7 (Make sure your phone is placed closer to the camera)
7) Click ‘Update’
8) Wait around 10 mins for the update to complete
9) When the screen shows Update Complete, please wait 1 minute for the adapter before turning the camera back on.