• Could you please upload a video showing focusing on an A7S vs say an a7II with this adapter and an M lens. I don’t need extremely FAST AF, but would have an a7s. I would like to buy it NOW if it even works OK, and then make sure my next camera has Phase detect auto focus so it will be even better. Or even give some example. If now on a7II it takes .8 seconds to focus (as an example) what speed is it on an a7s? 1 second- 1.5 seconds?

            Thank you!
            (if there is more info than a quick reply here please email me at email Ive listed. Im used to non phase detect AF on the a7s and it is plenty fast enough for me, so if this is similar (just a bit slower) Ill buy one.

    • We are now planning to release some other conversions but not in a near timeframe. However, you can further adapt your SR/MC/MD lens to out Techart PRO without a problem. We have several testing shots are made with MD lens.

    • It works well with the Leica Noctilux-M 50/0.95 . But the focusing speed will not be as fast as some smaller lens due to its weight.

  1. Can the Techart adapter works with Sony E mount camera with APS-C sensor like the alpha 6300?
    I understand that will be a crop factor according to the sensor’s size, but I want to know if there is a restriction in the compatibility. Thank you and congratulations.

  2. Will this work with the full frame Voigtlander 10 mm / F 5,6 Hyper Wide Heliar aspherical thats coming out this spring? They are making a Sony E mount version, but since its manual focus, could i get the Leica M version and use the Techart pro without any vignetting? Thanks!

    • Hi Denis, Sorry that CDAF does not work really well with our adapter and so we do NOT recommend to use Techart PRO with A7s.

      • Got it, thanks! What a pity, A7s pictures have something unique due to that large pixels, a very clean and smooth image. It works great with leica lense.

    • Hi Sir,
      Yes we have such option. Go to the pre-order page and you can select the Leica R – Leica M adapter as an accessory when you are buying the Techart PRO.

  3. Good luck with your product, wonderful innovation!
    Would be great if you can develop also an A to E mount adapter, that would support all the A-mount screw drive AF lenses.
    There is no such adapter available!
    The SONY LA-EA3 doesn’t have a motor to AF those lenses, and the LA-EA4 does have it, but includes the translucent-mirror that gets in the way, not allowing use the native camera PDAF AF that now both A7RII and a6300 allow.
    Such an adapter should have a huge market

    Thanks and good luck!

    • +1
      I agree that many people will need such a kind of adapter, we need to remove the mirror and modify the adapter to control the lens using native AF from the body, which can be done by reverse engineering.

  4. Just how bad would the AF be on A7? Is it it’ll focus much slower/less accurate or it simply wouldn’t focus at all? Also, any chance there’ll be updates to address this? Thanks!

    • Hi Garake,

      We are not really contended with the performance in A7. The CDAF in A7 does not allow a very good performance at all. We hope Sony will release firmware to open the 3rd party PDAF in A7 system.

    • We may consider this in the future but at this moment you may further adapt the OM lens to a L/M adapter and use it with the Techart PRO.

  5. Guys so let me understand it correctly. You also sell additional adapters for other mounts. Does it mean that if I buy this adapter, plus Nikon G to “M” additional adapter on your pre-order page, I can also use my Nikon AF-S G lenses on my Sony A7RII with autofocus, in addition to any M mount lenses I might have? I have a full collection of Nikon lenses that I might want to adapt. I understand you also market a separate adapter just for Nikon but it would convenient to own just one main adapter and attachments for various mounts?

    • Yes Dmitry, you are correct. However, we are NOT marketing a separate adapter just for Nikon. Is there any materials in our website which confuses you??

      • Do you have a list of Nikon lenses you have tested the adapter with by any chance? do you think it can AF 24-120/4 Nikon lens (weight is about 700 grams give or take). Thank you. I apologize re: separate adapter, I confused Techart with a different company. Thank you

  6. Why did you said that your adapter is not recommended for A7 ?
    A7 (first version) use both contrast focus AND PHASE collimators. And focus pretty fast with sony AF lenses. You will loose most of the market, as it is the most selling full frame device with Sony E mount.

    • Hi Sir, since Sony does not open 3rd party lens PDAF support for A7 and so the focusing is not good with A7. We do not recommend to use this adapter with A7.

  7. Buenas tardes amigos.
    Tengo desde hace muy poco una cámara Sony A7 II, que la compré para usar las lentes Leica que poseo desde hace tiempo.
    Son éstas:
    Tele-Elmarit 90mm. f/2.8 año 1964.(crom)
    Tele-Elmarit 135mm. f/2.8 año 1965.
    Summicrom 50mm. f/2.0 año 2006.
    Mi pregunta es si funcionarán bien con el nuevo adaptador Techart PRO

    Un saludo y gracias

    • It should work but be reminded that for some longer focal length lenses, you will need to firstly coarse adjust the focusing and use Techart PRO for fine focusing adjustment

  8. Admin wat about canon n nikon users…. is there any upcoming adapter which can be used with nikon or sony DSLR’s…..desperatly waiting for one…

    • You can use Canon/Nikon lenses + adapter to use with the Techart PRO. You may need to be aware of the weight and possible vignetting.

  9. I just pre-ordered!

    Would love to have a second adaptor that would work with my Leica SL. Now that is something that would be so powerful…

    I hope it’s realizeable>


  10. When using the adapter, do you have to set the manual lens focus ring to near or far?
    Does it affect infinity focus?

    • You should set the focus ring at infinity focus and use the Techart PRO for focusing.
      For close up shots, you can set the focus ring at closest and use the Techart PRO for focusing. It will not affect infinity focus.

      For longer focal length lens, you will need to coarse adjust the focus ring and use Techart PRO for fine focusing.

  11. DO you think that in the future this adapter could work with the Sony A7SII ? I am unclear, if Sony tweaks the software then could your adapter work? Why do you say it won’t worK? Leica glass works really well with my A7SII, It would be fantastic to have autofocus with this lens camera combination.

  12. I am from Taiwan. Last time I ordered a lens from HongKong and the store sent to me via HK Post Registered Air Mail, it took 35 days, unbelievable! Asked Post Office and they did not think it is a problem. Please consider use a real courier for faster and reliable delivery. ShunFeng could be a good one, so are the other international couriers. Please do not ship via Postal Service. Thanks for your consideration.

  13. I have the Sony alpha A7R2 with the Leica Summilux 1.4 lens. When set at F16 is the autofocusing much slower than at F 4. How fast is the autofocusing compared to my normal Carl Zeiss lens on the camera?

  14. When possible, please consider a Nikon F version also with a lever that activates to stop down the aperture during the exposure. Thanks!

  15. Please consider putting Arca Swiss grooves on the bottom of the adapter so a tripod clamp can directly grab the adapter’s foot.

  16. Does the weight of the lens matter is if it is supported on a tripod and the (Sony) camera is moved by the Techart Pro? Is the camera weight manageable?

    • We have not tested it yet as moving the camera will exert force on a different point of the adapter. I will suggest handheld support the camera as well.

  17. Will the adapter work with the MC Rokkor 58mm f1.2 and the 3M-5CA 500mm F8 mirror lens both are heavy but under 700g

  18. What part does Bluetooth play in the operation of this unit? Is Bluetooth only for wireless control or is Bluetooth required to focus the camera. In other words, can this focus the camera without the presence of an android or iPhone devise through the contacts of the camera?

    • The bluetooth is used for firmware upgrade and for sending lens data to the adapter. It can still focus without the presence of the smartphone.

  19. This looks great. The bigger market is Nikon. You should be making a Nikon AF adapter. AF Canon lenses work on Sony but Nikon are MF only. I think a lot of Nikon users would move to Sony if this adapter was available to them 😉

  20. Thank-you for your previous answer. I have two other questions.
    1- Is a way, with your adapter, to set a name of the lenses in the exifs ?
    2- Is your adapter equiped with a button to a direct access to the magnifier (X7), feature that Sony refuse to give-us, despite a lot of requests in their forums ?

  21. And an other one (sorry, but I use a A7, anf feel frustrated by the Sony policy). Did the focus confirm in the view finder works if we use manual focus with your adapter ?
    Oh, by the way, congratulations 😉

  22. I’ like to use it for Mitakon speedmaster 35mm f0.95ver II (sony e), Samyang 12mm and 135mm (sony e). Will you sell adapter sony e/sony e? (it should be easy for make having leica m/sony e)

  23. Will the adapter know what lens is attached at a given time or do you have to change lens settings via the mobile app? so if I swap my 58mm for the 500mm will it know automatically or will I have to go into an app and change that can this not be done within the camera?

    • You could save the lens data in your mobile app in advance. Each set of data corresponds to an aperture value. You will have to release the shutter under that corresponding aperture value and the adapter & camera will know about what focal length it is.

  24. Could you post a video on how this is done please? It’d be good to visualise this so we know how to use the adapter when it arrives 🙂

  25. Did-you mean “Does not work at all” ? Not even make believe to the A7 body that he has an autofocus lens attached ?
    No autofocus, even slow, not even Af confirm ?

  26. 1. Does your adapter park in a position so that I can use the distance scale on the lens for scale focussing in other words can the adapter park in the infinity position of the lens.

    2. Does the adapter sit flush with the bottom of the camera?


  27. I want to use Minolta 58 1.4
    Can I use MD–>Leica M–>Techart PRO AF–>A7 m2 ?
    Im not sure.Is it good Over a period of 50?

  28. Hi, I´d like to ask if there will be preffered shipping from UK for EU countries (you wrote “SHIP FROM WAREHOUSES in HK / UK / USA”) I´am from Czech Republic and shipping from HK or USA would be more expensive for me due to custom fees, shipped from UK it´s free from fees for EU countries. Thank you.

  29. Hello, if I pre-order, will my copy be shipped from Europe? I am in Italy. A shipment from China would cost me a fortune in customs charges.

    Will my credit card be charged upon pre-order or upon shipment?

    I also would like to know if the autofocus adapter for Contax G Lenses is still for sale, and where.

    Thank you in advance

  30. Will you make it for e-mount without additional adapter? There are many great lanses for e-mount without AF (samyang 12, 21, 85, 135), mitakon etc and using additional adapter you limit usage because of problem with total weight.

  31. I had tried two times in the last one week to place the pre-order for this AF adapter, but cannot process thru the pre-order form. After fill in the upper section, then the lower section were blocked. My shipping address is in Hong Kong, is that the pre-order is not for Hong Kong?

    • Hi Mr. Lee,

      Can you please try it with a different browser? We have been accepting Hong Kong orders without a problem. Thanks!

  32. I’ve pre-ordered the auto focus adapter. However, could I use a 3rd party Nikon to Leica adapter to fit my Nikon lenses onto the auto focus adapter?

  33. Great product, I’m seriously considering getting it.

    Have you ever considered doing something like this with a lens element on it? something like a speedbooster but with a moving element. That could prevent the external lens movement allowing for using even heavier glass and gives us faster lenses at the same time.

    BTW, how are the lens sets changed?

  34. Looks great. Can you please tell me how I can determine which Leica M lenses are “unit focusing” vs. “floating element”? Will you publish a list of Leica M lenses that do not have any image quality issues because of the “floating elements”? It seems that you are more confident in the “unit focusing” lenses ability to work best! Thanks.

    • Hi Glenn, Its a good idea. We will try to prepare a list for everyone review. Roughly speaking, old lens tends to be unit focusing design.

      • Thank you very much. One more question please: When M lens/Techart Pro is mounted on Sony, if I do NOT want to use autofocus, but rather use the lens DOF scale and manually set focus to “zone focus”, can I do that…or will I only be able to use autofocus when the adaptor is on the camera?

  35. First of all, great work 🙂

    I see you guys don’t recommend using the adapter on A7, A7r and A7s. But will it work at all, or will the adapter just guess focus since there is no 3rd party support for PDAF at the moment on these cameras? What do you think are the odds for Sony opening 3rd party support in future firmware updates for these cameras or do you think Sony only will focus on 2gen A7 for now.

    Sony, if you’re reading this from somewhere please do something to open up for 3rd party PDAF support on 1gen A7 cameras, we know you can do it 🙂

  36. Great work done by your team, this is going to be a winner!
    One comment and some questions:
    1. You should consider constructing an adapter for Leica SL and M lenses
    2. I’m a fan of the 0.95 Noctilux. How is the AF performance on the Nocti when set at 095? Is there a pro version that I should order for this heavy lens? When will the pro version be available?
    Thanks and all the best with your business!

    • Hi John, we have tested the adapter with 50/0.95 and it works quite well. although its not as fast as lighter lens but still works. Techart PRO is the only version you can order. We will start shipping the first batch of pre-order in last March.

  37. Sorry to insist, but you are not clear enough concerning the A7 serie I with your “We do not recommand…”
    Is your autofocus is working slow, or not at all ?
    Is the AF confirm is working with those bodies, using thios adapter, as well as the lens datas in the exifs, or not ?

  38. I watched your new video on “tips”. Still unclear: will camera meter still work in aperture priority mode even though the camera viewfinder will not show the F-stop? What about other A7Rii features like image stabilization or exposure compensation- will they work as normal? Thank you. Based on answer, I will then place order!

  39. Above you have indicated you do not recommend the adapter for the Sony A6000. Apparently, this is based upon the notion that the A6000 does not have PDF, as stated in your FAQ’s. The A6000 does, however, have PDF, so I am curious as to whether you have actually tested the adapter with the A6000. I was also curious as to the response that you do not recommend use of the adapter with the A6000, which suggests that the adapter may work with the A6000, but perhaps not perfectly. Please clarify.

  40. Looks great!
    Is there Konica AR adapter available? I cannot see on the pre-order page.
    Or can third-party adapter for Konica AR Lens to Leica M works with this product?

    • You can find several Konica/Hexanon to Leica M adapters on the market that will work perfect with this adapter. No need of electrical connexionthis side of the system.

  41. I have the sony battery grip for the A7RII. Will the adapter fit with the battery grip installed on the camera?

  42. Hallo,

    I’m living in Belgium and I am like to work with this adapter so I can use my old MF lenses with my Sony A 7 RII.
    Now the question is: where and how can I buy this adapter with the necessary options

    • Techart PRO is a Leica M to Sony E AF adapter. If you are just going to use Leica M lenses, just simply purchase the Techart PRO without any accessories. For other lenses mount, you have to use an adapter to adapt other mount old lenses to Leica M mount first.

  43. I have ordered on March 2 and asked for the arrival time to Taipei. So far no response from Admin. ORDER NUMBER: 1240

    • Hi Sir, Please note that we will start shipping the first batch of pre-orders from late March onwards. Thanks.

  44. Will this autofocus my 24mm Elmarit-R and 35mm & 50mm Summicron-R Leica on my Sony A7II and how efficiently will it work?

  45. Admin- Will this work with the A7sII? A7sII has implemented phase detect auto focus. Can you verify? I would love to use some of the leica glass for video.


  46. are you planning to make it work in video mode, too? (preferably with a slower focussing speed and touch screen operation on a mobile device)

  47. Hi, can you explain how the adapter works for close ups?

    I.e., the lens must extend via the adapter motor, and then the user can focus the lens manually.

    But how can the Techart be set to extend, and remain in the extended position instead of resetting and autofocusing the next exposure ?

    • For close ups, you have to park the lens focusing ring into the closest focusing distance and use Techart PRO to focus. You can set the Techart PRO to park at the last focusing position through the smartphone app.

  48. Hi there,
    according to the specs that have been announced at leicarumors and on the homepage from 2 sellers, the maximum supported weight of the adapter is 300 grams. In the video you are showing the use with a Leica 50mm Noctilux that is 800 grams. So what is the official spec?

    • For lenses at around 300g, the performance is the best. The heavier the lens get, the speed of the motor will surely be slower. But we find it still okay when using lenses as heavy as 800g.

  49. This sounds really promising! I just bought the first A6300 in my area. When are you planning on testing the adaptor on this camera?



  50. I’m excited to get mine. I would love to see an update that allows continuous autofocus in video. Will it be able to be “parked” fully extended, for instance if I wanted to do some close-up shots in video mode?

  51. Hello,

    I’ve pre-ordered the techart pro for my A7II and I just want to know if you will communicate in your website or via email when the first batch will be sent and the next batch after etc… Just to know or estimate when we will receive the AF-adapter


    • We will communicate via Facebook page and the webpage the updated shipping status. Currently we will ship the first batch of pre-orders in late March but we expect the quantities will not be very huge. Please stay close to our website for further updates.

  52. Hello, I´ve ordered one TechartPro adapter. I´d like to ask about AF speed of the adapter with same lens on A7 II and A7r II. You tested lenses on both bodies. Is the focusing speed same on A7 II and A7r II or one is faster? Thank you. Best regards,Mark.

  53. Does the motor in your adapter work off the Camera’s battery or does it have its own power source that needs to be recharged or replaced?

  54. Great adaptor! I can make my voigtlaender 35/1.2 to autofocus. But if it can use ultra-quiet motor will be better. Anyway, it is a amazing product 🙂

  55. How do I know if the adapter I pre-ordered was shipped or not? Is that any notification e-mail sending to buyer when the delivery starts?

    • A shipment complete notification email will be sent when the adapter is shipped. First shipment will be made next week.

  56. I have Sony a7r2. Leica APO Telyt-R 180mm f/3.4 . Leica M 28 f2. zeiss planar 85mm f/1.4 . What I need to order?

  57. I will be in HK tomorrow , where can I buy this adapter in HK , do you have shop front ? Or any authorized dealer ?

    • Sorry that we are not allowed to supply to Hong Kong dealers or customers. It will be available in DC Fever soon.

  58. Hello, Great job, I already have CY lens to Leica M mount adapter. can I use the adapter with techart pro and CY mount lens ?

  59. Hope some one can give me answer. I’m really want book one for my A7R2. Do you support my Leica R 180 f3.4 and Zeiss 85 f1.4 ze (canon ef mount). What I need to order? Thanks

    • We have not tried either of the lenses but according to the specs, I believe Leica R 180 f3.4 maybe too heavy to drive. Zeiss 85 1.4 should be fine.

  60. Seems to be a great product 🙂

    Can you please explain fully the function of the L bracket? Will i be able to use the camera/Teachart PRO without it?

    Many thanks,

    • The L bracket is for levelling purposes.

      The motors of the adapter is located at the bottom of the adapter. When
      you installed the adapter and placed the camera on the table, you cannot
      balance it as the adapter has a thicker base than the camera. Adding the L
      bracket will solve the problem.

      I hope it explains clear enough.

  61. If you put the L bracket, can you still use the tripod stand bracket at the bottom of the A7ii? Possible to post a picture from the bottom perspective after mounting the L bracket?

  62. Just being noticed that my pre-order payment made early Mar has been refunded which I never ask for. What’s going on?

    • Hi Sir,
      We have sent out an email yesterday explaining the reason of the order cancellation for Hong Kong customers. May I know if you have received the email?

  63. i have received the adpator it works really well
    even works with my minolta md 58/1.4 using a md to m adaptor

    2 questions
    how to turn off the autofocusing mode
    sometimes the autofocusing mode not come on – how to reset

    • You can set a MF button in the camera menu to switch between AF/MF.

      Detach and reinstall the adapter can solve!

    • Hi SIr, You can set in the camera menu. Change a button on the camera into MF/AF control Toggle.
      The iOS app will be ready very soon.

  64. Hi from France,

    I’ve received yesterday my adaptor in very good condition and in a very short time.
    I’m so happy with it. A very great work, congratulation !
    Some returns :
    I own some fabulous Leica lenses :

    – Noctilux 50mm 1:1 works great at 2.0. Under 2.0, the phase information is poor and the focus pumps continuously.
    – Apo-Telyt-M 1:3,4/135 works great
    – Super-elmar-M 1:3,8/18 ASPH works great
    – Apo-summicron-M 1:2/75 ASPH works great

    – Fisheye-Elmarit-R 1:2,8/16 works great
    – Vario-elmarit-R 1:2,8-4,5/28-90 ASPH works great if the focus is preselected
    – Apo-telyt-R 1:2,8/280 works great if the focus is preselected

    Now I’m looking forward for the android app to enter my lenses parameters, do you have an idea when it will be on line.
    for information your adaptor mounts with Garriz half case
    Thank you again and best regards,

    • Hi Pierre !
      I hope you will share some picture soon !
      Do you have a flickr or 500pix profil or else?
      Anyway, thank you for your message
      Jb, from france to 😉

  65. Hi I bough and received the Techart Pro however I now need the Canon EF -Leica M adapter as well but on your website I cannot buy it separately (I already have the techart so I don’t need two ) I just the the canon -leica adapter how can I buy it?

  66. There seems to be version 2 firmware according to the app. I presume shipping adapters have version 2 installed already?

    • Hi Robert, For next batch delivery, the firmware will have the latest version 2. The firmware has not been released before the adapters leaving the factory to the warehouses.

  67. In the latest A7 firmware update it says:
    “Phase-detection AF is supported”

    Also when I tested the Contax G adapter on an A7 it seemed to work, (though I didn’t test the accuracy).
    Does it mean that the Leica adapter will start working with the A7?

    • Hi Sir, The latest A7 firmware from Sony only suggests the PDAF of Sony lenses is supported. Sorry that our Techart PRO adapter does not work with A7 mark 1.

  68. I hv post question on April 16th in respect of the delivery time for my order, however it never be answered and deleted. Cud you answer the delivery time for order on March 2 with order number 1240. Thank you.

  69. I have a zeiss sonnar 135 mm how can i set the lens’ s focus, beacuase i understand that i can’t set to infinity my lens but i have to do adjust but how…. ? thank

    • Hi Sir, You can set to infinity. For focusing with long focal distance lenses, you have to firstly coarse adjust the focusing ring and use the Techart PRO for fine focusing.

  70. Hopefully I will receive my Techart Pro Adaptor next week shipped from the UK wharehouse (this I was told). How do I know if the installed FW is the newest?

    • Hi Ario, For this shipment, the firmware version is still 1.0 as it was shipped to UK warehouse before 2.0 was released. Please follow our website instructions for FW upgrade.

  71. I borrowed the adapter from my Friend and tried it on my Sony A7ii with Leica 50mm summilux lens. I noticed that there is this ring of bright light in the image. I switched to the Leica 90mm elmarit lens and observed the same bright ring of light in the image. When I switched back to my normal novoflex adapter there isn’t such an effect. Wondering what’s this due to?

  72. Just received the Adaptor today. It works very well. A bit noisy, but for a first gen product, no complaint!
    Question. When you have a f1.4 lens on the adaptor, the camera can still only go to f2, i assume that f2 on the camera really just corresponds to ‘wide open’ on the lens, correct?
    I can’t seem to find the lens setting app for iOS yet. It is not out yet I assume?

    • Yes. f/2 is the corresponding wide open aperture value. The lens setting app is not ready yet. Will update you guys soon!

      • Thanks. But I am still a little confused.
        When I use say a Leica Summilux 35/1.4 on the TechArt, if I shoot at f1.4, then I set it to f2 on camera? If I shoot at f2 on the lens, then I set to f2.8 on the camera?

  73. Hallo,
    Can You tell me where I can buy and test it in Europe or maybe Belgium
    and can I also adapt Canon FD lentes with

  74. Hi, Since Leica 50mm Noctilux-M ASPH f/0.95 is a heavy lens and LEICA 90mm f/2 APO-SUMMICRON-M ASPH is a fairly long and heavy lens (in Leica M lenses standard), could they be supported by Techart Pro adapter? Any precaution when in use. Thanks.

    • Yes it can support but suggest you to support the lens by hand when use to reduce the weight imposed onto the adapter.

    • Hi Sir, YEs. However we have to further modify the FD-LM adapter to fit the Techart PRO but its not available yet.

  75. Can You tell me where I can order to receive it in Cuba
    and I can adapt one Carl Zeis 100mm F2 ZE built with mount for Canon FE lens?

  76. Hi, Is there anywhere in Hong Kong that I can purchase this? If not, and I placed an order today, when could I expect delivery in Hong Kong?

    Thanks, Ed

  77. Thank you! my adapter is here.

    however i noticed that It can only go up to f2.0 with a7r2 +noctilux 0.95 did i missed anything?

    • Hi Sir, Please use f/2.0 in the camera settings and adjust the aperture ring of the lens to adjust the iris. This will give the correct metering.

  78. Will it be possible to buy your adaptermounts like CY to M only without the AF adapter? If so how do i do this? How much would be the shipping costs for 2 adaptermounts CY to M & MD to M to austria/EU? Thanks a lot.

  79. Hi so can i mount the Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1 Lens directly on my A7rii using your adapter? Will it work wih autofocus?

  80. No Hong Kong delivery? When will this be an officially released product and no in longer presale? At that time will it be available in Hong Kong to purchase through a distributer?

    If purchased online today when could I expect delivery to New York City?

    Thanks, Ed

  81. Hi, i’m very intrested by your adapter for my sony A7II. But, because i’m a student, i’ve a limited budget. Can you tell me if i can reuse my leica m adapter i already have (to minolta and pentax k) instead of yours. I’ve seen above that you say “However we have to further modify the FD-LM adapter to fit the Techart PRO”. This adapter transform my lenses to leica m lens so i don’t think it’s a problem but can you confirm this point ? Thanks in advance. Kind regards from France.

      • Ok ! Many thanks. I’m ready to order the adapter ? What’s the estimated delivery time from today ?

        And a last question, you say that the maximum weight supported is 700gr. For heavy lenses, is it possible to support the lens on a tripod (by an adapted ring) and to let the camera “in the air” ? With a weight of 600gr for the body, maybe in this configuration we are able to use heavier lens (>800gr) ? I will do the shutting action with a remote by the way to avoid obstruct the focus mechanism.

        • If you place an order today, we expect to ship in around early July. Thanks.

          Yes we have users doing the same thing as yours.

  82. I have just received the adapter, very impressive. However, my iPhone cannot find the LM EA7 to check firmware. The instructions tell me to “set the camera body aperture to F90”? Please can you tell me how to do that? Should a lens be mounted to perform this?

    • When you install the Techart PRO to the camera, you can then change the aperture readings on the camera screen. Change it to F90 and take a shot to enter the update mode.

  83. I have received my adapter and it works well. I did not know that there was an R to M adapter option when I ordered. Leica’s R to M does not fit. Which third party R adapters will work with the Techart M/FE adapter? Has anyone tried other third party R adapters like Novoflex or Fotodiox?

    Can I order a Techart R adapter separately, having acquired the M adapter?

    • Hi Sir, The English manual is now available for download in the “DOWNLOAD” page in at the top menu.

  84. Hi

    I spoke to your support about my LM adapters not fitting. I want to use my Canon FD lenses with this adapter. What adapter should I buy as you don’t have an FD to LM adapter listed. What adapters should I buy to adapt these lenses to work?

  85. I cannot tell from the comments and replies if the TechArtPRO supports Leica R lenses with a Sony A7rii or Sony A6300. The description says it will enable R lenses to be “vitalized.” Does that mean I can use an R lens and the TechART with no other adapter?

    • Hi Alan, Our Techart PRO is a Leica M to Sony E adapter. However, you can adapter LR lens to LM mount via adapter and then use it with our Techart PRO.

  86. Some feedbacks from a wedding photographer:

    Yesterday, it was my first wedding with my 2 sony A7II and 2 Techart.
    Pretty good experience but with some stressful moments.

    In the most case, the Techart adapter is very precise and does a very good job (even with my helios 85mm f1.5 that weight 850g).

    But, the techart had some bugs, sometimes, it doesn’t does the focusing in good light and high aperture, I don’t know why. Sometime, my A7 had the screen that become black and was totally blocked. The only methode I found was unclip the adapter and clip it again on the A7. But I had this problem during the ceremony on the exchange of rings. It was very stressfull for me. Fortunately, I’m always using 2 cameras during a wedding, so I’ve dropped the blocked one and took my 2dn camera. So, I could doing the job.

    An other thing that I was not able to realise is using the AF assist light. Normally in AFS it’s working without problem and I can use an autofocus lens in the complete dark. But It’s not working with the Techart. Even using a AF light of an external flash or transmitter.

    But a lot of shoot was realisable only with the Techart. I am very happy with it. I am good with manual focussing but not good like the Techart. So it’s a real advantage!

    In the most case, the adapter works very good (I think more that 95% of very good focussing without bug).

    It’s a bit harder to work with A7II and the techart adapter than my Nikon but my final images are so better! (and it’s a lot easier than just use manual focussing)

    I can have the rendering of an particular awsome old lens in my work and that’s HUGE!

    Techart team: if you can increase the reliability and add the AF assist light with a new firmware, it will be a perfect product for professionnal photographers! Thank you for your job!

    (sorry for my bad english)

  87. My adapter will be coming soon (hopefully)….
    Has anybody tried the Leica 50mm Summicron APO on a A7II?

    Thanks for letting me know


  88. Have you guys did put a techart pro on an A7 body, and see what has been happened?

    I really want to know what is the result.

    Please don’t just tell me , “this is not recommended.”

    • Alex, it’s not a question of recommanded or not. That adapter needs a feature (phase detection AF for Third party lenses) the A7 does not have. So with an A7, it will either not work at all, or focus so slowly you’d rather remove it and use manual focus instead.
      But if you have M mount lenses, selling your A7 for an A7II might still be interesting. That’s what I’ll do as soon as I received the adapter.

  89. Is possible to adapt pentax k lenses?
    I could attach the af module to EOS-Leica M adapter and then placing a Pentax K-EOS adapter on it

  90. Hallo
    Tell me what I need:
    I have a Sony A7RII
    and several M-42 and MF Nikon Ais lenses and one canon FD lens
    and also ware to order because I leaving in Belgium and please the adapter with the last update

    • You can further adapter M42 / NIK lenses to LM and use it with our Techart PRO adapter. If you order today, we expect to ship in July.

  91. I posted already the question but no answer
    What about the Canon FD lenses and which adapter with the Telhart Pro to the Canon FD lens

  92. I followed the instructions to upgrade the firmware to version 2.0 on the adapter. All functions of my Sony A7RII are fine. Checking inside the Menu 6/3 “Version”, the version for the Lens shows “ver.01”. Should it be “ver.2”? Thank you for you reply in advance.

  93. Hi I already got the techart adapter but want to add more mount converter to it eg Leica R to M, Canon FD to M. How can I order them without ordering the adapter?

    Thx kai

  94. Are there two versions of this adapter out there? Is LM-EA7 II the newer version? What are the differences between the two? How to differentiate between the two.

  95. Hi all,

    Just to let people who ordered and are still waiting know that my order (no 1176) was ordered on February 26th, shipped on June 15th, and arrived today (20 June 2016). Initial tests with a Leica 35-70 f/4 using a LR-LM Kipon adapter on my A7II are promising, as the Techart Adapter is definitely able to focus faster than I do manually. Still a bit of hunting, though. But one happy camper here! Thanks, Techart, for creating a product that well addresses my needs!

    KR, Henk

  96. Would it be possible to make such an adapter for a Leica SL?
    Not sure of this cameras has AF phase detection or contrast…
    Great product!


  97. Admin
    June 20, 2016 at 10:44 am Reply
    Sorry for the confusion. LENS ver.01 = Firmware v2.0

    Thank you Admin for your reply. Everything is in place and I am another happy camper!

  98. Hallo
    How long would-be take for shipping to Belgium
    When I place my order next mounth Juli and would-be THE adapter upgraded to THE last upgrade 2.0
    Have à Nice dat

  99. If I pre-order it this week, when would I expect this to be delivered? I want to make sure it arrives before my trip in September.

  100. Has anyone tried any third-party adapter for Leica R lenses like Novoflex, Metabones, etc. that worked with the Techart Pro? Ronald Weissman mentioned that the Leica R-Adapter M does not fit. Thanks.

  101. Received my adapter on Saturday and I must say, an excellent feat of engineering! Beautifully designed and functions perfectly. I would advise people to pre focus to an extent as this should enable quicker autofocus in some modes.

    Heavier lenses such as my Leica Summicron R 35mm and 24mm are a touch slower but you can live with that if you shoot street photography as I do.

    Amazing product and I can’t congratulate you guys enough! Done something not even Leica do! Giving us the ability to use great lenses for pretty much everything!

  102. I just received my adapter after a long wait. My first shipment was lost by the USPS. TechArt sent another and I am very excited to have it. I have many Jupiter, Voightlanderand Leica lenses. This adapter is fantastic and so quick to focus!!! I love it!!! I have tried most of the lenses and cant believe how quick and accurate the focus is on them

  103. WOW!

    Two days for shipment.


    The adapter functions very, very well.

    Now I have a lot of old AF lens, also one hundred years old.

    Many thanks TECHART!!!

  104. First of all, congratulations on the techart pro, it is a wonderful piece of equipment for photographers, especially those who like to explore vintage glass. 🙂
    I also wanted to second the suggestion to develop a focal reducer/techart pro combination. I strongly believe that this would be a bestseller for many reasons!

  105. Hi,

    Just ordered today, after an email from Kevin saying that orders today will be fulfilled in August.
    So I ordered right away.
    I did not get any confirmation email from techart or any response to my email regarding my order.
    It looks like emails regarding sales is handled right away, but after order there is no response.

    I am pretty excited about this adapter, but a little concerned about communication.


    • Hi Rohan,

      You may need to check with your email hosting as we kept receiving bonucebacks from your mailbox. Your order is well received and will arrange shipment according to the order sequence. THanks!

  106. Hi, I just tested the adapter and found some ergonomic issues. First, it protrude at the base of the camera when it’s attached and looks out of place camera cannot sit p . Second, it rubs against the L-plate that I am using and thirdly, it will not attached when an extra vertical grip with meiki twin batteries pack is attached. I would suggest to shift the af drive mechanism to the left side of the camera and no need to copy Sony’s LA-EA3 look. Regards, Alan.

  107. Hello,
    I have already ordered the adapter and read now that he does not fit in the use MEIKE battery grip!
    Is that correct?

  108. Here is a message of praise and appreciation to the TECHART Team. I have had the TECHART Pro Leica M – Sony FE adapter for a couple of months now. It is a revolutionary (evolutionary) technological advancement. I use it with my Sony A7R II and a variety of lenses (Leica M, Contax C/Y lenses with an M adapter, etc.). What I have found is that the IQ I get with the combination of the Sony A7R II and the Contax CY 35 mm f2.8 (Distagon) is truly extraordinary. The sharpness and color fidelity are out of this world. The focusing speed and accuracy are outstanding as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

  109. I have also had the Techart Leica M to Sony for a few months, and it is amazing. It works and it works well. I am using it on the Sony A7Rll with a Leica 35 2.0, and the images are sharp. In fact, my success rate is better than manual focusing . Terrific and thank you.

  110. OK. Here is a stupid question. I have the adapter and it works really well. However, I went out with the Leica 135 to do landscape work with the adapter. I wanted to focus stack and use manual focus, which is not enabled (given this adapter is providing autofocus). Is there a way to override the autofocus? If not, are there plans to provide this function?

    • Hi Vicki, You can set a quick MF/AF switch by assigning the “MF/AF Ctrl Toggle” function to one of the button of your camera. You can do it via the camera manual. Let me know if its clear.

  111. The adapter arrived today and the autofocus works very well. And it is great being able to use it to get very close focus with wide angle lenses. It will be even better when you have sorted out the app to adjust the factory settings. I assume you haven’t any idea when that will be. There is, however, one important step you do not mention in the manual. You explain that you choose the aperture for the lens (eg f14 for 21mm) and then take a picture. what youdont say is that this picture will be grossly overexposed, so you delete it, and then change the aperture down to f2.0 before taking any pictures you want keep. these will have the lens data recorded correctly, both in Exif and, I hope, in SteadyShot. I tried setting the camera aperture setting to the aperture listed for the lens in your settings table, but f2.0 seems to be the one that gets the exposure right. Of course, the real aperture is set on the lens.

    I can see why your factory settings have it on manual for 135mm, as the autofocus is limited. However, I note that it autofocuses a 135 lens if you set it on another focual length, and then set the SteadyShot focal length to “Manual” and “135mm”. The lens won’t be recorded correctly in the Exif, but it seems to work once you have manually got the focus approximately right.

  112. Hello!
    First to say, that the Adapter works very well! Thank you!

    Just have a Problem with f32 and 135mm. If I make a shot with f32, then the adapter does not work (with f29 ->90mm, etc) it works great. Any idea why?

    And another question: Release date (approx) of your the Smartphone app?
    Thanks! Bernie

    • Hi Sir, For 135mm, the after-shoot mode is designed to be MF instead of AF and so its normal. The AF will be resumed when selecting other f-stop value.

  113. Hi
    I bought an adapter from you. Thanks for great product. Recently trying to use my l-bracket it didn’t work … The small round extension at the bottom of adapter will not let me to mount the bracket. So my questions are:
    1. The l-bracket you have in your store, does it fit perfectly with adapter attached (did you take into consideration that issue, I think I am not the only one who has that problem)?
    2. If yes and I order how long will it take it to get to Toronto Canada?
    Thanks in advance

  114. Thanks for the answer! Now I understand. But the autofocus works great – as Roger said on August 18 – with 135mm. Would it be possible to make an Option; maybe f32 MF and f36 AF?
    Thanks! Bernie

  115. May I suggest you add an F-setting that allows AF, but doesn’t send any exif data. Many lenses that work well with the adapter aren’t represented in the existing settings, and the camera’s IBIS must be manually set, overriding the TAP. Having another FL listed in the exif, for those lenses is of no benefit.

    Alternatively, perhaps in a future release, allow for custom F settings programmed via a phone app.

    Nice piece of technology either way. Really enjoying mine.

  116. Setting the adapter for 135mm (F32) seems to park the adapter at closest focus and disables Autofocusing.
    Luckily, selecting another focal length re-enables Autofocusing.
    Btw have sent you guys a notification twice, but no reply yet …

  117. I agree with Louis, though to Louis I would say that you can just use the focal lengths in the metadata as codes for different lenses (eg I use 15mm to denote either the 16mm or 10mm, depending on which I have with me that day) and then over-ride the settings by setting the focal length manually for IBIS. But being able to configure the settings through the smartphone app would be perfect.

    I have one simple request: where can I find a complete list of what all the aperture settings do. Using the instructions that are on the paper enclosed with the lens, I thought the only two options to decide where the adapter “parked” for manual focus were f36 and f40. But I just found out today that f45 tells the adapter to leave the adapter in whatever position it is in when you switch to manual focus. That is incredibly useful. With one lens doing this is essential to get manual focus on infinity.

    Am I right that the Max Aperture shown in the list of settings does not affect the camera’s function in any way.
    This makes me wonder whether there are other useful settings I do not know anything about. There should be a comprehensive list somewhere. If there is, I have not found it.

  118. Hello I have just received the adapter. it is perfect.
    Question: Release date of your the Smartphone app? Thanks!

  119. This product looks ideal when one owns manual lenses and I understand you can include an adaptor between Leica M and (in my case) Minolta SR/MC/MD. However, the fact the product is designed for Leica M means that the autofocus range is limited to about 5 or 6 mm while a product designed for reflex lenses should allow you to design an adaptor with a larger focusing range (1 cm? 1.5 cm?…) which would limit the need to preadapt manually the focusing and greatly improve the performance with tele while also improving the macro flexibility for all lenses.
    I am waitig for such improved version of your adaptor (wider focusing range). When do you think you may be able to lauh such product? Thanks

    • The current focusing distance (4.5mm) is a best distance after our testings. The longer flow will need to all sort of problems including focusing speed, accuracy, etc.

  120. Hi – I’m interested in purchasing the Techart Pro for my A6300 and A7II, but my smartphone is a Windows phone, for which you do not make an app. Could I use my Android tablet with Bluetooth to install firmware updates for the adapter? Thank you!

  121. Hi folks,
    will the Techart Pro adapter be available at the Photokina fare in Cologne this year, either from your company or from a dealer?
    I really would like to try your innovative product myself before ordering.

    Keep up the good work, your innovative products are a breakthrough in this area!


  122. Hi Dechant, thats great news, I will come to see your innovative product.

    One more question I have:

    Is the focussing speed and precision with the adapter and an M lens identical on an A7Rii and an A7ii?


  123. Firmware for LM-EA7 Ver4.00 20160905 is out and available for download.
    But there is no change log yet.

    @admin: could you share with us the changes, please ?

    • The major improvement of the firmware v4 is 1. Improvement on focus accuracy and speed 2. Reduce the frequency of adapter “dead” (that you need to re-insert battery for reset)

    • The major improvement of the firmware v4 is 1. Improvement on focus accuracy and speed 2. Reduce the frequency of adapter “dead” (that you need to re-insert battery for reset)

  124. On the Sony A7ll, what is the technique to toggle between autofocusing and manual focus? Seems I get to manual focus and cannot get adapter to return to autofocus. What is the secret please?

  125. Hi
    I had a minor problem with my adapter (probably my human error) But When I contacted Techartpro they really stood up and helped
    me i a very professional way.

    A Pro product and A Pro support

    Thanks Kevin.

  126. I have just received my Techart pro adapter and my adapter for M-42 lentes, this order is known by You under 2010# for Mr Kunal MODI, I’m real surprised because it seems to be very good, next week I go try it but may I ask You :
    What is is Firmware version off my adapter Techart pro or do I need to do a upgrade first?
    I’m very glad and I’m see looking to use it
    Thanks You for the good excellent delivery
    Now I just wait on Your answer and then I start using

  127. Did the new Sony 3.20 firmware provide, at the end, the PDAF compatibility (that use your adapter) with the Sony A7(1) ?
    Even if not, is it, at least, possible to bring any mechanical lens name to the A7′ exifs via your adapter and the A7 ?
    Thanks in advance for your answer and congratulation for your amazing product.

  128. hello I would like to ask whether in the future there would be the possibility to lock the focus, so you can apply a smaller aperture. best regard

  129. I get my adapter at the Photokina und be very satisfy with it.
    I use it with my noctilux and other M type lenses.
    It wont be interesting to have a version for old DSLR lenses like Nikon Ais, Leica R with more than 4,5mm working space of the Adapter.
    Maybe also a version for old Nikon AF lenses were you build in motor for the AF.
    Thank you for this nice product
    Greatings from Germany

  130. I find the thought process behind this to be brilliant. Using the adapter mount to modify the flange focal distance, thus adjusting the subject focus distance. You have completely bypassed attempting to drive the focus helicoid, thus allowing manual fine tune adjustment! In addition, the adapter can act as an extension tube allowing for macro photography!

    Kudos to the developers.

  131. Hi folks,

    May I ask does the adapter work on Voigtlander and/or Samyang lenses for my A7ii? And may I know where can I find it in Singapore and/or Malaysia please? Kindly advise, very much appreciated.

  132. why not have the motor side way, instead of leave it at bottom? i know L-bracket can fix that issue, but come on. why add more weight when it is mirrorless system we talking about…..

  133. Techart pro adapter
    I use the adapter on my Sony A7RII, I have to say it , working perfect-brilliant with M-42 lentes-Canon FD 55 mm 1.2 as my Nikon Kugaku 10.5 mm

  134. High. I want to buy this product but I have a question before I can make the purchase.

    So let’s say that I want to use my Nikon glass and I already have a nikon to M mound adatpter. Can I just buy your AF M to sony mount and use my Nikon adapter ?

    Or I need to buy a specific adaptor to the M mount from your website (ex nikon to M mount) or will any other brand work ?


    • Hi Duncan, theoretically you can use the Nikon – LM adapter with our Techart PRO to do autofocus. However, some Nik-LM adapters in the market has a shape which may block our techart pro adapter. So it would be safer to use the one we supplied.

  135. Hi, how can I get right exposure using the adapter with my A7RII? Camera dos not read the lens f-stop
    Here in your web say that the ios app allow to set up lens values -f.min and max value up to 10 lens- in order camara can use Exif data to get more accurate exposition values, but I´ve just installed the app and only let me update firmware but nothing about set-up lens. Could you help me?

    • You have to use f/2 at your camera body and rely on the lens aperture ring for iris adjustment.

      Please visit our download page for the lens settings app. Lens setting app and firmware app is different.

  136. I forget to say I use Leitz M lens and Zeiss for Contax lens.
    Also I´d like to know if the Nikon adapter fit Nikon G lens and also non AF nikon lens?

  137. you guys tested with the a6300 and it wprked, did it also work in video mode. i read some where that it did not, i am hoping that this was coming from someone missinformed

  138. Dear Techart,

    Been using your product for a few months now. I think its fantastic! Giving new life to my M lenses, especially with my deteriorating eye sight.

    I see an opportunity for your product and Techart should diversify into making or subcontracting lenses for use on the Sony E and with the Techart adapter – Infinity focused, M mount lens optimized for mirrorless mount with manual aperture control. These lenses, will be able to keep the system light and compact. Something that SONY is definitely not delivery.

    Thanks and I look forward to you continuing to improve your product.

    Best regards,

  139. Mine just arrived quickly from Cameraquest (USA). Quite pleased so far (A7ii, 35 and 50 ‘cron, 90 Elmarit). I do notice the battery use- considerable (and the Sony’s battery efficiency is low to begin with). Do you have ideas on how to reduce battery usage? I notice the sound changes when I toggle to MF and when I power down the camera (motor powering off?). Seems like leaving it in MF mode, when on, is a good way to save on battery- does that sound reasonable to you?

    Do you have plans to try to improve battery efficiency? I also wonder if you have BlueTooth going on all the time for connecting with smart phones- I know that BT is a battery drain on my laptop and other devices- I wonder if that’s so with this adapter? Perhaps there’s a way to toggle it on or off from the camera, to reduce energy consumption. I imagine this is something you’re thinking about.

    Many thanks,

  140. I bought techart-pro from a shop in guangzhou back in september. I love it so much that i introduced to many friends in Thailand. I been using it without any problem since then. Then last week on 27dec , it stopped working. It doesnt auto focus anymore. And when i turn thevcamera on the mount doesnt have any movement (usually it would out and back when you turn on the camera) . it s now complely dead. I can only use it as manual lens focusing. Please contact me back to tell me what i should do.. airpremy@hotmail.com

  141. This Techart Pro cannot use with Tripod right ?
    but if i using with L plate for Sony A7ii can use tripod ?

    or maybe have any solution ?
    thanks for answer

  142. I am sold and just bought Techart Pro from a local seller. Am so pumped to use my Minoltas and M42 lenses on it. However just a very curious question, is there any way where we can adapt a manual e-mount lens onto the Techart Pro. Have been searching around but it seems impossible =/

  143. Hi there, I just purchased a Techart Pro from my local seller and am pleased with the performance. However, I am just curious if there is any way to mount an e-mount manual lenses onto Techart Pro?

    • No, that’s just about the only kind of lens you can’t mount. E-mount lenses are meant to be a specific distance from the sensor, putting the adapter between the lens and the sensor makes this not work.

  144. I love the adapter but could you please implement the ability to still switch to manual focus. I was in a remote area when a ground fog started coming up. Would have been the most beautiful pictures but that caused the contrast to also go down. Once the fog came up, the camera would no longer trip the shutter. Here I was after a long trek into a remote area and nothing I could do would cause the shutter to trip even though it appeared the image was in acceptable focus. As an emergency, I tried to switch to manual focus but that mode is not allowed with the TechartPro adapter on. I was not able to take a single image that afternoon as the adapter would not allow the camera shutter to be tripped in any way. Thx!

  145. I have the TechArt Pro adapter and love it on my a6500! But I know some adapters will not fit on to it. (For my EF lenses I had to use the Leicaist adapter as the KEF Concepts one was too bulky to fit.)

    Does the Kipon Minolta / Sony A-mount to Leica M adapter will fit? What about the Novoflex one? I might just go with A-mount to M42 then M42 to Leica M…

  146. Hi, I would like to know which adapter I should use for a Voiglander 50mm 1.1 lens on a Sony A7RII camera. Thanks

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