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Frequently Asked Questions

Products Information

Q: Where should I set the focusing ring when using the Techart PRO for autofocusing?

A: Normally you should park the focusing ring at INFINITY focus and use the Techart PRO for focusing.

Q: What is the reason why the maximum aperture I can only select in the camera body is only F/2.0?  What aperture should I set in the camera?

A: For correct metering, please use F/2.0 for all lenses at any situation. Rely on your lens aperture ring for adjusting the true aperture size.

Q: Is the 4.5mm extension enough for my lens to autofocus for the whole focusing distance?

A: According to our testing, Techart PRO can cover the whole focusing range for lenses with 50mm focal length or below. You can simply park the focusing ring at infinty and press shutter for autofocus. For lenses with longer focal length (>50mm), users may need to coarse adjust the focusing ring to the focus point and use Techart PRO for fine focus adjustment.

    Focal Length         Focusing Range    
15mm 6.5 cm – INF
21mm 12 cm – INF
24mm 15 cm – INF
28mm 20 cm – INF
35mm 31 cm – INF
50mm 60 cm – INF
90mm 1.8m – INF
135mm 4.2m – INF

Q: How does the focusing work and what is the difference versus focusing via the turning the focusing ring?

A: The focusing is done by adjusting the distance between the lens and focal plane (sensor). There is no difference in terms of image quality for unit focusing lenses.

Q: Is Techart PRO compatible with all Leica M lenses?

A: Techart PRO is compatible with Leica M lenses weigh under 700g.


Q: How can I switch between MF/AF?

A: Set the shortcut key of your MF/AF button in the camera menu into “AF/MF Ctrl Toggle” so that you can press the MF/AF button on the camera for quick switch.

Q: Can I further adapt lenses mounts with longer flange distance to Techart PRO for autofocusing?

A: Yes or No. You may adapt lenses mounts with longer flange distance to Techart PRO for autofocusing. Currently we have tested several lenses with Leica R mount or Contax/Yashica mount or Minolta mount and they work with Techart PRO perfectly. However the whole system has to be ligher than 700g for best performance. For lenses with larger thread, further adaptation may lead to a ‘double-aperture’  OR ‘Vignetting’ which implies a potential impact on optical quality. Please consider before purchase.

Q: Can I use the Techart PRO for video shooting?

A: We do NOT suggest using Techart PRO for shooting videos and only MF is available for video shooting.

Q: Can I use Techart PRO with other E mount cameras other than Sony A7II & Sony A7R II?

A: We have optimized the Techart PRO to use with Sony A7II, Sony A7R II, A6300 & A6500. You will get the best performance with these two cameras as they support the 3rd party PDAF. We do NOT recommend to use with other E-mount cameras (i.e. Sony A7, Sony A7R, Sony A7S, Sony A7S2, Sony A6000, Sony NEX, etc)

Q: Will the image quality change when focusing with Techart PRO compared to MF adapter?

A: For unit focusing lens, the image quality will be the same as turning the focusing ring to focus on Sony A7 series cameras. For floating elements design, image quality may be changed. (FYI, Most of the Leica M lenses are unit focusing).

Q: How to shoot Macro photos with the Techart PRO adapter?

A: You should park the focusing ring of your lens to the closest focusing distance and use Techart PRO for autofocusing. You will then find that you can shoot much closer than you normally can shoot.

Q: How much weight can Techart PRO bear?

A: It can support lenses as heavy as 800g. However, we suggest users to slightly support for heavy lens (>300g) in order to enjoy the best focusing performance.


Order Fulfillment

Q: When will I get the Techart PRO when ordered?

A: For US / EU orders, it normally takes less than 7-10 days to arrive once shipped. For other orders, it normally takes around 10-14 days to arrive.

Q: Do I still need to charge VAT for my orders?


For Europe orders, we will ship from our UK warehouse.

For orders from other regions, we will ship from our Hong Kong warehouse. We will declare the item as GIFT and as low value to avoid tax imposed

Q: Which courier will you use for shipping?


For Europe orders, we will ship via Royal Mail UK.

For orders from other regions, we will ship via Hong Kong Post Registered Airmail

Service and Warranty
Q: How long is the warranty included and where should I send it to?

A: Every product sold through our website or authorised reseller will enjoy 1 year warranty. You may choose to send the product back to our warehouse and we will ship you a replacement.

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